Is your product Clas Ohlson’s next bestseller?

Clas Ohlson invites you to compete with your innovative product ideas to help stock Clas Ohlson’s shelves with exciting new products. Hardware, Electrical, Home, Multimedia, or Leisure products that support a sustainable lifestyle are encouraged to join the competition.

The winning product will receive a guaranteed order for their product to be sold at Clas Ohlson's stores within Sweden, Finland, Norway, Germany, and the UK.

The Competition Process

Clas Ohlson Product Innovation Challenge 2016 is aimed towards inventors, entrepreneurs, and anyone with a unique product idea who is over 18 years old.


Register for the competition


Submit your product idea


Top 10 finalist selection


Top 10 finalist interviews conducted

Winner Selection

Jury selects winning product


All entries must be submitted by November 30, 2016 23.59 CET.


The winning product earns a guaranteed order in Clas Ohlsons' sales and marketing channels, including 200 stores and webshops. If more than one product fits into Clas Ohlson's criteria, they may, at their discretion, choose more than one winner.

Important Dates

Competition opens - September 23

Submission deadline - November 30

Finalists are announced - December

Finalists are interviewed - December

Winner announced - February


Eva Berg

Eva Berg

Head of Assortment at Clas Ohlson

“Clas Ohlson Product Innovation Challenge is a new way of sourcing innovative products for us. Having the overall responsibility for developing our assortment, I look forward to identifying our next sustainable best seller among the submitted products.

Portrait of Ulrika Göransson

Ulrika Göransson

Director of Strategic Planning at Clas Ohlson

“Clas Ohlson’s mission is to help and inspire people to improve their everyday life by offering clever and convenient solutions at great value. Being a strong advocate for customer orientation, I will look a lot at what customer need the submitted products solves; in what way they make our customers’ lives easier and more sustainable.”

Portrait of Åsa Portnoff Sundström

Åsa Portnoff Sundström

Head of Sustainability at Clas Ohlson

“Increasing the percentage of products supporting a more sustainable lifestyle in our assortment is an important part of our overall sustainability agenda. I will evaluate the sustainability aspects of the submitted products.

Portrait of Linda Krondahl

Linda Krondahl


Things is a Swedish hub for hardware startups making entrepreneurs, industries, customers and investors meet. Also elected ”Female Inventor of the Year 2013” “With experience from founding my own startup, taking an idea through development to production and sales, I have seen many of the struggles of a hardware startup. I will bring my experience as inventor and entrepreneur into the jury discussions.”

Judging Criteria

The product submission will be judged on the following five (5) criteria:

  1. Sustainability: how well the product supports a sustainable lifestyle for Clas Ohlsons' customers. Our definition of products for a more sustainable lifestyle is products that meet at least one of the following criteria:
    • Reduces energy or water consumption in the home
    • Supports recycling or is made from recycled materials
    • Helps to reuse or reduce waste
    • Has an improved environmental impact, such as eco-labelled products
    • The use of materials is optimised or potentially hazardous chemicals are replaced
  2. Innovative strength: how original and unique the product is
  3. Brand fit: how well the product fits in with Clas Ohlson’s assortment and company values
  4. Potential market reach: how much potential the product has to be sold at a sufficient volume
  5. Implementation time: how feasible the product can be produced within a set time frame, for example, 12 months
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Deadline is November 30, 2016